Dublin to Nepal, Iran, On Tour

Day 115: Yazd to Kalmand

A lot of desert separates us from the next town of Kerman. A lot of flat dusty riding in our future. But though some cycle tourers find the desert riding to be a bit of a drag I guess being from Ireland the being in such a large, flat, dry, isolated place is completely new to us, so it’s kind of exciting in a way.
It also means that there isn’t so much to write about given that the days are generally long and flat through the same terrain as the day before and the day before that. The dessert out here was quite rocky and dusty with a couple of scrub plants here and there and rocky hills off about 15 kilometres either side of the road.


Richie and Finn hauling bikes over the mound while I take photos




too heavy


thanks, spider man

 We rode from the campsite outside Yazd up a short hill and then along the flat where we would spend pretty much the rest of the day. We would break up the day with a couple of stops just for a chat to eat if there was somewhere to get food but by and large it was uneventful.

These little breaks would often end up in throwing rocks at other rocks in an attempt to entertain ourselves. We spent about 30 minutes after lunch following the noble pursuit.


Finn extolling the Haji cookie, delicious mini ginger snaps

I think in general we were cycling uphill today but it was so so gradual it was hardly noticeable at all. The only way you could really tell was how close the hills on the horizon were. At one point they were a ways off and then at the end of the day we passed through some of them and the on the other side the desert continued again.


having a wee break


didnt see one unforunately

Right before camp we had the fortune to pass a big rest stop area where we bought dinner and breakfast and loaded up on water. We found a little dug out hole in the sand off away from the road where we camped tonight, the hole keeping is our of the incessant wind.


looking for somewhere to camp. you can camp anywhere, but we still want to find the perfect spot


camping in the hole



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