Dublin to Nepal, Iran


Yazd is a great place to spend a couple of days. The old town is fantastically preserved, a great example of an old desert settlement with the mud plaster buildings, narrow alleys and tall badgir (wind towers for ventilation).
There are also some nice mosques but we didn’t visit any of them, at this stage we has a bit of mosque fatigue.


view of Yazd from the hotel roof

We spent one full day in Yazd. I was looking for a bike shop to get a new chain but there was really nowhere available even though we rode out to the edge of town. We did find an old man grease-black fingers in an ancient hole in the wall repair shop who trued Finns wheel though.
We went and looked around the Persian garden in Yazd. After seeing a garden in Shiraz, Esfhahan, Yazd and Kerman I think the Kerman garden is the nicest. Certainly the best kept, perhaps winter is the best time to visit a lot of these places. We ended up running into another Irish guy in the garden, a trinity student on Erasmus to Istanbul. It’s always refreshing to talk to someone from Ireland somewhere like Iran where westerns are rare and Irish even rarer, it’s like a refreshing glass of water.

Later I wandered around the old town for a bit while the others went to visit a Zoastarian temple.

The next day after spending the morning repairing gear and the bikes we started out to Kerman on what would be our final leg of cycling in Iran. We made it only a little bit out of the city and camped on a wide field of small, compact stones. It was a it weird, it seemed like an old asphalt road, except huge and naturally forming. Very strange.


great photo of Khomeini on the road out of Yazd


camping outside Yazd



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