Dublin to Nepal, Iran, On Tour

Day 116: Kalmand to Anar

We were sort of slow to get going today. In the morning we sat around, threw rocks and generally put off cycling for a good hour and a half. It wasn’t like we were facing any adverse conditions today, in fact it was going to be just like yesterday. But perhaps that was exactly the problem. 

first break, 10 minutes after we started

When we finally did get going it was a lovely sunny ride in the wide open desert. Although there were to be more delays in our future. At camp last night we had been commenting on how long it had been since any of us got a flat tyre. Well, today I got one and Finn got one too, and then another one and at the end of the day Richie got a flat too so of course having to change all those delayed us again.


Finn’s culprit

So we really didn’t make a lot of distance today, I think by the time we stopped we had only covered a bit over 60km. But it was ok, we still had time to reach Kerman in the next two days.
By the evening we had reached Anar and the land was being cultivated! This area is the pistachio capital of Iran and for miles and miles around the ground was being used to grow pistachios! 


nice evening riding, pistachio bushes (trees?) on either side

In fact so numerous were the pistachio farms that for the first time in a long time, it was kind of hard to find somewhere to camp. We turned off the main road and cycled for a good ten minutes before we found somewhere to set up, a dried up pond bed next to a dirt road.


camping in the dried up pond



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