Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, Serbia

Day 42: Lesnica to outside Belgrade

Not a very eventful day today, for most of the day the road was flat, not very scenic and it was very hot.
Leaving our little copse at which we camped we rejoined the same road we followed yesterday and rode on until we came across a bakery to pick up some bread for breakfast. A small commercial area had grown up around a crossroads a little ways down the road, and here we found a place just finished baking bread.
The journey after breakfast was, as I said, very dull, the road was straight and lined with either houses or farms. As the only road to Belgrade before the motorway the road was also really busy. 
I don’t really remember much about this stretch as it was all pretty much the same. When finally the turn off for the motorway came up we were relieved. From then on there was a lot less traffic, as we climbed up into some hills, a bit more interesting riding.

We rode through the hills until mid afternoon, going through long stretches of countryside, occasionally passing through a small village or hamlet. We took a break at the first shop we saw, bought an ice cold drink and took shelter in the shade. We must have looked like wrecks after cycling for three days now in the heat. The woman who ran the shop took pity on us and offers us somewhere to sit. She then very generously pulled out to big bottles of water from the fridge and handed them to us.
Buoyed by our encounter with the friendly shopkeeper we continued our day, enjoying the ride a lot more even though the scenery and route were still much the same. Arriving in the town of Obrenovac we decided to call it a day, we were only 20km from Belgrade here and could easily make it into the city in the morning. We chilled out in Obrenovac, which is a very nice town focused around a central square with an awesome soviet style monument commemorating WWII.

In the evening we road out to the Sava river and on the way passed a small wooded park with a single track running through it where we decided to camp.




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