Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, Slovenia

Day 31: Žiri to Harije

We left from our little spot under the bridge about nine the next morning. We rode for a short time along farmland and then started to climb uphill in a gorge. The road seemed to cling to the rock face while the river flowed by at pace beside us.  
At the top we passed a whole bunch of cyclists out for a morning ride that had turned into a morning coffee. We gave them a wave and then started the decent down the other side. At the bottom we were once again in open plains fringed by hills. Stopping for some photos allowed the cyclists we had seen at the top to zip by us and pedal off into the distance.


not pictured: the small peleton that sped past moments later

I don’t know if it was the tailwind, or terrain or if we’ve just gotten fitter or something but we made it to what was meant to be our lunch spot by 11:30. Pleasantly surprised and quite pleased with ourselves we decided to have a long lunch.
Back on the road after lunch we started to notice how the terrain had changed from Alpine plains to Mediterranean brush. Then road ran up rocky hills and through small hamlets until we were descending all the way down into the town of Illirska Bastrica.

From Illirska Bastrica it was supposed to be a short ride down to a lake where had planned to camp. As it turned out, the road we were going to take to get to the lake was closed. We wound up cycling around a bit a aimlessly for a while, trying to find an alternative route. At one point we were cycling across a dirt track though farms and orchards. This was not the way we were meant to go. 
But, following our nose paid off in the end and after less than an hour of wandering we found a sign by the side of the road pointing to a destination where you could fish. Surely this was the lake!
It was, or at least it was the body of water we had been searching for, it turned out it was a reservoir. Still, we had reached the end of our day and found a spot by the lake to set up. There were a few other groups, mostly old and young guys fishing at the shore. 

It was our last night in Slovenia. Tomorrow Croatia and, after a month over land, the ocean!


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