Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, Slovenia

Day 30: Lake Bled to Žiri

We sauntered (if you can saunter on a bike) out of the campsite at about 11. We had planned the rest of our route through Slovenia the night before, and to give ourselves a bit more time in the country, rather than just race through it, had decided to do a series of shorter distances. So we had a bit of time. 

the valley out of Bled

Leaving Bled and getting on the right road out of town without getting on the motorway ended up being quite difficult. It took about half an hour before we were confident that we were going the right way. It was a little frustrating, especially in the heat of the day.
Once we got going though the ride was great. Down along the river and then up through small old Slovenian towns. As the day wore on and the weather got a bit cooler, and we turned away from Ljubljana so the roads became quieter the ride was more and more enjoyable.


we took the right turn here, avoiding Ljubljana

We followed a river as it cut through hills covered with trees and the occasional farm or ski run. In the early evening we arrived at Žiri, our destination. It was nice to get away from the built up Bled into more rural Slovenia, a side of the country neither of us had seen really. Turns out, it’s really pretty.


small towns out in the countryside


this didnt really come out in the photo but theres a big ol’ Chateaux out of nowhere on that hill.

We filled up our water in town and then left to find somewhere to camp. We found a spot a bit outside town, under the bridge by the water, a good spot at the end of a nice day.

camping under the bridge


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