Dublin to Nepal, Germany, On Tour

Day 23: Munich to Zorneding

During our stay in Munich Finn had noticed his Dynamo hub was not working properly. He left it in with some mechanics on the morning we were to leave, and they were also unable to get it going. However, we were only a three hour train ride from Tübigen (in fact we had passed through it a couple of days before) where the hubs were made. 
We decided to push our date of departure back a day, Finn took the wheel off his bike and locked it up and left for Tübigen. I went and found a cheap place to stay in Munich for the night nearby where I could keep all our luggage.
I went back to Finns bike in the morning before checkout and put his bags back on his bike and then locked them all up. After that I cycled back, loaded up my bike and checked the messages from Finn,meh said he had had a successful morning in Tübigen getting his hub fixed at the factory and would meet me around two.
His train ended up being delayed and didn’t get in until three. Some 

last minute errands including returning to Guten Biken meant we didn’t get out of the city until six. We only had a few hours of daylight left, we wouldn’t get that far but we didn’t to at least get out of the city limits so we could start making progress right away the next day.
We rode through suburbs of Munich for about an hour until we crossed the Autobahn that circled the city limits and we were back into countryside. At eight we stopped into a pretty fancy Chinese restaurant by the road to fill up our water for the night. Not ten minutes further down the road we found a field just of it to camp for the night.
Our time in Municn had been the longest time off the bike and sleeping indoors since we started and it was nice to be out camping again, even if we had only ridden for two hours today.

camping just outside munich


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