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Day 24: Zorneding to Lake Chiem

It was pretty warm when we woke up this morning at 7, it was going to be a hot day. We cycled on the main road for a while which was a bit busy seeing as it was morning rush hour but after about 15km we got to Grafing where we were able to turn off the main road and get onto smaller back roads, similar to what we had been riding into Munich.
A short while outside Grafing we got our first glimpse of the Alps, way off on the horizon and obscured by the haze, but definitely there. You might be able to make them out in the photo. 

can you spot the mountains on the horizon?


The route was really picturesque through more German countryside and small villages. We weren’t going very far today, we wanted to stop a bit outside Salzburg so we could get in early tomorrow and spend the day there.


casual frisbee break

We got closer to the Alps and soon we could see them very clearly on the horizon. We had lunch just before arriving at the lake, decided to have a quick nap after eating and the went down to the shore.

Lake Chiem was a popular holiday destination and every beach or jetty was packed with people but it was still beautiful with clear blue waters and framed by the Alps towering in the distance. We rode along the shore for a while, hoping to find somewhere that wasnt packed with people by the lakeside where we could camp. We didn’t have to search long and after cycling for maybe 20 minutes we came across a stoney shore which some low hanging vegetation off to the side the blocked sight from the road, it was perfect.

We hung out here for the rest of the day, swimming, doing bike maintenance etc.



2 thoughts on “Day 24: Zorneding to Lake Chiem

  1. pauline mcnamara says:

    did you really sleep on those stones?

    what did you do and see in munich? did i miss that?

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