Dublin to Nepal, Germany, On Tour

Day 22: Jettingen to Munich

Our last day before reaching Munich! We were going to take a whole weekend off in Munich, two days instead of our usual one and we left camp in high spirits. 

“we cant keep taking photos of eachother taking photos”

It was quite an uneventful ride most of the way. Similar pattern to the previous days with short climbs over hills and down into small villages. We rode into Ausberg at 11 and found our way out after a short coffee stop relatively quickly.

Sunny weather and a minor headwind in the afternoon. As we were entering the greater Munich area and started to think about finding the right route into the city a cyclist came riding up beside us. His name Christoph and after asking us a few questions about where we were going, where we’ve come from he inquired where in Munich we were going. As it happened we were heading to the same neighbourhood he lived in and was returning to and offered to lead us into the city. We graciously accepted.
Christoph was a really interesting guy with a long history of cycle touring in his family, his father and grandfather before him were avid tourers. He told us of a contraption he had constructed so that he could haul his 4m sea kayak behind his bike on tours. He dropped us off right in the city, not 5km from where we were staying.
We were staying with a Warmshowers host named Daniel. A really welcoming and relaxed guy, he had been on many tours and understood completely what it meant to take a rest day. With two days off the bikes ahead of us we took it easy this evening and hung out with Daniel on his flat learning about the many trips he had been on.

Daniel lived on the same street as the Bayern Munich training ground


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