Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 32: Habu – Fukuoka

I was looking forward to crossing onto the final island of the trip, Kyushu. The ride from the campsite to Shimonoseki, the city where I could cross over, was an uneventful one through farmland and urban sprawl. A low hanging cloud threatened rain, but soon cleared off a d the sun came out.

fist sighting of Kyushu and the bridge that connects it to Honshu

At Shimonoseki the distance between Honshu and Kyushu is at its smallest: only 700 meters!

For bikes and pedestrians who aren’t allowed on the bridge there is a tunnel that connects the two islands.



It wasn’t too l g a ride from Shimonseki to Fukuoka. I took the shorter, less scenic route that brought me through a lot of towns and cities.

Arriving in Fukuoka felt fantastic, I had finished all of Honshu! My host there, David, brought me out to a yatai, a street food stall, something for which the city if famous.

the yatai we ate at


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