Japan 2013

Fukuoka: beach, baseball, bowls (of ramen)

Fukuoka I found to be a vibrant and energetic city. Its not a top notch tourist destination (there isn’t a whole lot by way of sights) but it was a great city to take a break in before finishing the cycle.

I had two hosts during my stop, David and David. I knew one of the David’s from back home, it was great seeing a familiar face after two months.

I also stayed in a really nice hostel in the city centre for a few nights. A new place only a few months old, I’ve found a lot of new hostels this trip. I think I stayed in three so far now that been open less than four months.

the beach just outside the city. Went here with David on the first day

Canal City, Fukuokas famous department store. Has a canal built in it, hence the name. Its a huge complex

outside hostel Takataniya



Going to a baseball game in Fukuoka with David and ALTs of Fukuoka

Fukuoka has great Ramen, it’s home to the Tonkotsu style. Here are two places I visited while at the city.



this place apparently serves some of the best Ramen In the city. It was certainly delicious



Ichi-Ran is a famous chain that started in Fukuoka. You order on slips of paper and are seated at a counter but with dividers either side for privacy. You never need to talk to anyone, not even to ask for more water – each booth has its own tap. This was also delicious


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