Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 31: Kasadoshima – Habu

Tonight would be my last night spent on Honshu, and the final full day of riding on the main island. Much of the day was spent on the Route 2, which went from busy three lane highway to single lane mountain road. After lunch the road I was following became I cars-only route, but a smaller track followed the exact same path and wasn’t as traffic heavy at all.

the highway providing shade from the afternoon heat

following the smaller route that ran parallel to the main road

Most of the day was spent inland until just before I arrived at my campsite when I merged back with the coastal road that.

rice paddies before getting back on the coast road

The campsite was a bit hard to find. It was right at the back of a public park. Free as most of the campsites have been since September, but busier I think because it was a Saturday.


My final Honshu sunset


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