Dublin to Nepal, Finnian's Galleries, Pakistan


Hey everyone, Finnian here. This post is a little different. We’re still cycling away, heading up the KKH and having a great time. But I won’t be talking about that, I’ll be asking a favour.

I’ve been accepted into a teaching programme in Nepal with the Umbrella Foundation. Umbrella focuses on protecting the children of Nepal from war, poverty and trafficking. A job all the more difficult since the earthquake. I will be teaching children in rural Nepal for nine weeks after I arrive. Here is their website if you want to learn more about the charity  (Umbrella Charity).

I am raising money for the programme before I arrive. As I’m still on the road online fundraising is the only method available to me. So if you been enjoying the blog I’d really appreciate anything you have to give. I’ve put a donate button on the menu bar beside Finnian’s Galleries, it will bring you to a page where you can donate directly to the charity.

Thanks a bunch.

Oh and here’s a photo of where we are at the minute hugo-1-2


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