Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, Pakistan

Day 127: Dina to Gujar Khan

Getting to sleep in a bed indoors last night was beneficial no doubt, but I still felt pretty wretched. We had breakfast with Nadeem and went on our way.
Turns out I was worse that before. Constantly feeling like you’re about to thrown up while cycling isn’t all that pleasant. The terrain changed from the complete flat we had been riding through before to hilly riding as we slowly but surely progress northwards towards Karakorum and the Himalaya. It would have been a very nice ride that I would have really enjoyed if I felt a bit better than I did, but as it stood I had pull over every 30 minutes to rest.

We made really slow progress as a result, Andre was understanding of course. He had contracted a parasite in his gut at the start of his trip in Romania, so he knew what it was like. Still, having to stop every hour or half hour really limited how far we could cycle. 

We only made it 60km today, which isn’t a lot at all but we were ready to make it to Islamabad tomorrow. Riding in the hills had the benefit of campsites being easier to find. When we couldn’t go on any longer there was a nice spot right off the road in which to set up.



3 thoughts on “Day 127: Dina to Gujar Khan

  1. Jennie Boström says:


    Just wanna say Hello to our cousin/nieces Andre.
    Seems like you’re fine!
    All children have been sick in chicken-pox but now they are fine. Unfortunately they Will have some scars after the blisters.
    We miss you.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Take care!

    Kramar Albin, Thyra, Edvin, Arvid. Jennie och Erik

  2. Jessica Augustsson says:


    I just wanna thank you for telling us about your journey!
    I am so glad that André has got company with you guys!
    Since I am his mother, I can not help beeing a little bit worried now and then!
    This is really an adventure, you will get memories that you never will forget!
    Take good care of each other!

    Jessica Augustsson

    • So happy to hear you’re enjoying the blog Jessica. André has been great company. I’ll be updating soon, we are all safe and sound here having a great cycle in the mountains.

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