Dublin to Nepal, Iran, On Tour

Day 110: Tarq to Isfahan

A mostly downhill day today to Isfahan, and if everything has gone according to plan, we should be able to meet up with Richie, Finn’s mate from back home who’s going to cycle with us from now on. Not that we weren’t getting on, but we were both looking forward to throwing someone new in the mix.
The mostly downhill day started with an uphill climb. We arrived at the top where a small town has grown up. And up here I guess they get a bit more rainfall or something because the town was built on the shores of what they generously described as a lake. Across the lake were the ruins of an old castle.


these abandoned mud brick houses appear quite frequently along the road out in the desert

 Then the downhill started and before we knew it we were out of the hills and mountains back into the wide desert.


the desert riding is sometimes a bit much

 The desert road led us, straight and flat, all the way to the outskirts of Isfahan. The road to the city after lunch was similarly straight and flat, though a bit busier. 
Once in the city we found somewhere to stay (couldn’t get in contact with the guy that was supposed to host us) and waited for Richie to arrive. He got in at about 8. Reunions and introductions and of course a cursory inspection of his bike followed.its was great to have him over at last after all the talk of it. Even better, he brought some Dairy Milk chocolate, a gift from Fins mum.


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