Dublin to Nepal, Iran, On Tour

Day 108: Kashan to the desert outside Kashan

Before we left Kashan this afternoon we wanted to visit the UNESCO listed Persian garden Fin Garden (fantastic name). It’s a bit out of town so we took the bus (driver let us on for free!) and on the way out there we met a guy who was starting up a hotel in town. It was his day off and he was heading out to relax in the garden. He knew the manager who he was going to meet there. 


not my photo, I forgot to bring my camera.

At the garden the hotel owner got us in for Iranian entrance prices (a fraction of the tourist price) and then gave us a little intro to the garden before heading to enjoy his day off and meet his friend.
The gardens are a real little oasis, lush green trees providing much welcome shade and the flowing channels of water were cooling and soothing. We spent a good while just wandering around, though they weren’t that big. Infact I’d say them not being so big was a bit of a bonus for us after so many days out in the wide open desert.
We returned to the wide open desert soon though, after the garden we went back and picked up our bikes. We were out of Kashan by 3 and making good distance. By early evening we were cycling up and down stoney hills with open rock faces jutting out either side. We were riding on the first tertiary road since we’d come into Iran, and the lack of trucks was a relief.

 Enjoying the quiet riding so much we ended up cycling until it was almost dark and then pulled off the road along an old dirt track where we set up in an old quarry.



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