Dublin to Nepal, Iran, On Tour

Christmas in Qazvin

We spent Christmas Day in Qazvin but to our dismay most of the shops and restaurants in the city were closed. It was a Friday, Muslim day of rest, and Qazvin is apparently a reasonably religious city so most shops were closed. We were hoping to Skype home, but, all the coffeenets in town were closed so we just sort of wandered around for a bit.

Northern Iran-71

stocking hung by the chest of drawrers with care

Northern Iran-73

these characters gave us a christmas present of some oranges

We had a look at the old bazaar and went looking for the Armenian church but that had also closed down in recent years. Things started to look up in the afternoon, Finn found some movies on his hard drive so we had a relaxing afternoon getting a long overdue dose of western culture.

Heading out in the evening we ran into a local guy who was an English teacher. He wanted to have a bit of practice himself and offered to show us around a bit. This has happened so often now we sort of stopped appreciating just how hospitable the Iranians are. This was a lovely little pick me up for our kind of underwhelming Christmas thus far.


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