Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, Turkey

Day 72: Trabzon to Ardesen

This post is going to be a bit short. The road between Trabzon and Ardesen didn’t really provide any interesting riding or views. In a way it was good as we were a bit pressed for time and needed to cover ground quickly.
We left Trabzon early, compared to how long it normally takes us to get out of a city. The weather was very humid and the clouds gathering overhead didn’t bode well. This was another pretty uninteresting day of riding, but it was ok. By the end of today if we reached Ardesen we would be ready to turn off the dull coast road and turn up into the Kaçkar mountains for the last few days before we got into Georgia where the riding should be more interesting.


the only photo I took today, you can see what I mean we were so far over on the road that it often didnt feel like riding by the sea at all

We had lunch in Rize (a big plate of sardines) and waited out the rain that had started to come down heavily. Once it cleared we got back on the road and rode out to Ardesen where we found a gas station to camp at.


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