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Day 69: Yaniköy to Ordu

Today we didn’t have so far to ride, we were going to Ordu which was on the other side of the headland we were riding around. Zafir from Samsun had a friend in Ordu who he had told about our trip. This friend, whose name was Ali, had wanted to support our trip to and offered us a place to sleep in his city. It was on our way and we wouldn’t want to turn down hospitality like that.
The riding today was really nice compared to the somewhat dull riding yesterday. Really enjoyable winding up and down into the various little bays and inlets that the road followed. At the apex of the headland was Cape Jason. This particular cape is apparently mentioned in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts who sailed from modern day Thessaly in Greece up,through the Bosphorous and along the Black Sea to retrieve the Fleece from Colchis, modern day Georgia. At this cape the Greek population had built a temple of Jason which was replaced by a church, restored recently to attract visitors.


Cape Jason lighthouse


Cape Jason church

From the Cape to Ordu was a little less than 40km. We stopped briefly in the sparkling seaside town of Presembe so we could find some wifi to let Ali know we would be in town soon. It was the a flat and pleasant ride into Ordu.


at Ordu, looking back at the headland we had just cycled around

We met up with Ali, a friendly family man in his forties who also liked motorcycles. Ali had the rather lucrative job of being the only hazelnut broker in all of Ordu, and with Turkey producing 70% of the worlds hazelnuts and Ordu producing 50% of those you can probably imagine just how lucrative this venture was.
We had expected to be sleeping on Alis couch, but he brought us to a hotel with whose owners he was good friends and put us up there. Again, such generosity! We had dinner with Ali and then he had to head back to the office for a bit but he returned for a couple of drinks in the evening and we had a great time talking to him about Ordu, Turkey and his travels and work. He was really enthusiastic about our trip and as we thanked him for the lovely time we had in Ordu he told us he was just happy to help. 


Ali on the left and the hotel owner on the right

We slept soundly in the hotel that night. 


One thought on “Day 69: Yaniköy to Ordu

  1. Pauline says:

    Gobsmacked again – all inspiring me to turn over a new leaf, and to be a nicer person. Very interesting about Jason and great to see the photo of the church. Thanks for that.

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