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Day 68: Samsun to Yaniköy

The posts over the next couple of days will probably be a bit short, there wasn’t a whole lot of variation along the Route D100 by the Black Sea. This was the road we would take all the way to the border with Georgia.
The road was flat and straight and we had a tailwind so we made some great time during the day. We rode from the gas station we had camped at outside Ordu along the coast and by lunchtime we had already coved 60km.


blurry photo of the campsite outside Samsun

We stopped for lunch in the nice seaside town of Ünye. Finn got a haircut. More of the same in in the afternoon, riding on the coastal highway. I think part of what the made the riding a bit dull was that we were on the wrong side of the road, as in we weren’t right next to the sea. We only really got glimpses of it, otherwise it was the traffic on one side and the buildings on the other that we were looking at most of the day.


the beach at Unye

In the early evening though we got off the highway as it cut across a headland and followed the old coast road around this headland instead. It was stating to get dark, but we rode on this road for about 10km, loving the lack of traffic or development, just a narrow old road going up and down the arboraceous bays.


start of the coast road


Yanikoy down in the bay

 We pulled into a small fishing town called Yaniköy down in one of the inlets and wandered around by the coast trying to find some flat, secluded place to camp at. A local guy came up after watching us for a bit and led us to a sheltered courtyard which I think would be used for the fish market in town but today was empty. He said we could camp there and then left us our own devices.


where we camped, the next morning


Yanikoy harbour



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