Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, Serbia

Day 46: Boljevac to Donja Kamenica

Once again our morning stared with a climb, and today it was a climb with some of the best views we’ve had in Serbia. It was a bright, clear day and unlike yesterday we were riding up hill on a nice, smooth, sealed Tarmac road. It was a really fun ascent, the gradient changed drastically every couple of meters so you could be riding along on a relaxed gradual climb and then be sweating it up some 13% kick, which could then smooth out to flat and so on. 

Finn loves a good climb

The road was quiet, we were passed only by a few tractors and passed ourselves a couple of horse drawn carts. From the top we rolled downhill almost 20km, through the odd farming hamlet with some old people milling around, into the surprisingly pleasant river town of Knjazevac. 


coming into Knajevac

It was lunchtime by the time we reached Knjazevac so we stopped here for a while and spent some time on cafe wifi looking for hosts in the next city we would visits: Sofia, updating the blog – just the general sort of admin stuff you need to mooch of cafe wifi for an hour or two to do.
Out of Knjazevac was a lovely long and very, very gradual climb up a wide valley back into the mountains (or the foothills, whatever they are they’d be considered mountains in Ireland). 

Riding along up this quiet valley for ninety minutes brought us to the town of Štrbac where, once again, there was a public fountain of drinking water. We filled our bottles and started off again to ride for another ninety minutes or so and then camp.
About thirty minutes outside the town we passed a waterfall with a large flat grassy bank beside, perfect for camping. You don’t always pass such nice spot to stay at so we decided to call it a day a bit early and set up by the waterfall.

The waterfall served as a great shower, we hadn’t washed since Belgrade so this was a welcome bonus of our campsite for the night. It started to get dark at about 7:30 and then it got cold a bit after that. Yes, our fist somewhat chilly night of the trip so far! Autumn seems to be moving along a lot faster than we expected.



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