Dublin to Nepal, Germany, On Tour

Day 16: Just outside Bingen to Bingen

The next morning we slowly, gently, delicately got up and packed up over an hour or so. We both still felt pretty bad, we had no drinking water. The next town, Bingen, was only three km away. We could see it downriver from where we had camped. So we made probably the most difficult journey of the trip so far: both feeling terrible, dehydrated and exhausted we hauled out bikes back to the cycle path and rode gently into Bingen.
After we got some water on board we stared to feel a bit better, but still not great. We went to a park for a nap, hoping that when we woke up we would feel up to some riding. Didn’t really work out that way and after some indecision we made up our mids to just write the rest of the day off and find a hostel.


napping in the park

We got into the hostel and four and slept until eight the next morning except for an hour or two at nine for a shower. 


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