Belgium, Dublin to Nepal, On Tour

Day 9: Keerburgen to Zoutleeuw

After a thoroughly enjoyable evening spent with Tine and the family we slept in spare beds the provided us and we woke up well rested. We had breakfast with Frank and Victor, Frank’s son. At breakfast Frank showed us Lotus Biscoff Spread, a cinnamon flavoured spread that tastes like this little biscuits you sometimes get served with coffee. It was delicious and of course we bought a jar at the next supermarket we stopped at.

After eating we spent the morning doing some upkeep and maintenance on the bikes, just simple stuff that needed tuning after the first few days of the tour.

We left feeling well rested and ready to ride across the rest of Belgium over the next few days. Thanks so much for the hospitality guys!


all ready to go outside Tine and Franks place

We rode from Keerburgen along the cycle track that followed a canal (again! Belgium was proving to be easy enough to navigate) into the nearby city of Leuven. More flat cycling with a tailwind in the sun, it doesn’t really get easier than this.


cyclist along the route to Leuven

We didn’t spend too long in Leuven as it was late enough when we left Tine’s. We picked up some supplies in Lidl for lunch and the next few days and went and sat in the square. 


food and snacks for the next few days – Lidl makes the best Snickers knock off


lunch in Leuven

Our end goal for today was Zoutleeuw, what looked on the map like a lake not to far from Leuven. A couple of hours of flat, prefect Beglian roads later and one wrong turn (not too long, maybe only an extra 20 min) we got into Zoutleeuw town, another lovely old settlement. In the centre of town was a public water fountain so we could fill up without having to potential anger anybody.



Zoutleeuw town

A short ride out of the town we came across the lake. As it turned out it wasn’t a lake, but a wetland and would probably have been really nice, a relaxing place to spend the evening if not for the abundance of mosquitoes. We found somewhere to camp and threw on bug repellant. A pretty full day overall.





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