Belgium, Dublin to Nepal, On Tour

Day 8: Ghent to Keerburgen 

The day off in Ghent had been nice but it felt good to back in the saddle. We left around noon as our end point today was my aunt’s sister Tine’s house near Keerburgen only about half a days ride from Ghent. A short trip back to the hostel for breakfast set us up for the ride out to Keerburgen which was flat and easy, if not particularly scenic as we were passing between right Brussels and Antwerp. 


one of the more interesting sites on the road to Keerburgen

Part of the route though, took us through the city of Mechelen. We didn’t have time to stop there but it seemed from our short ride through that it would have been a good place to spend some time.


waterfront houses


the cathederal at Mechelen

As we got into Keerburgen we started trying to navigate to Tine’s place with our road map and some chached Google maps. It’s started to look like we were going to have a hard time finding the place until we heard so one yell out “Hugo! Finn!”. Turned out we had passed by Tine’s husband Frank’s shop just as he was leaving. He gave us directions to his home and we got there soon after.

Tine and the family were so welcoming. They were having a barbecue and we enjoyed some tasty Belgian meats after a refreshing shower. Here also Finn was finally reunited with his Bivvy poles which had been posted from Ireland, a truly joyous occasion.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: Ghent to Keerburgen 

  1. Pauline says:

    Tine and Frank, What a lovely welcome for the lads. You are so kind to have looked after Hugo and Finn with all the home comforts and your well-known generosity of spirit. You are also the last family members they will see in their home before they return to Ireland. Thanks so much. Pauline

    • Tine Theys says:

      Hi Hugo and Finn,
      It was our pleasure to welcome you at our home, and to be a little part of your big journey. It is nice to hear that you enjoyed Belgium.We wish you all the best for your exciting trip. Be careful and enjoy.
      Tine, Frank, Charlotte, Viktor and Arthur.

      • We had a great time in Belgium, thanks again for your warm hospitality. We were dreaming of the lovely flat Belgium countryside going over the Alps last week.

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