Japan 2013

Osaka (Oh!-saka)

I haven’t had a chance to update in almost a week, so I have a lot of posts to put up – they might be a bit short as a result but I guess the photos do most of the talking anyway.

Osaka was amazing. Especially the food. Japan has great cuisine and Osaka is the home of my favourite Japanese dish: Okonomiaki, a sort of savoury pancake (but it’s much more than that). Most of the time it is cooked on a hot pan in front of you, and it is delicious. I had two nights in a row.


Mizuno was meant to serve some of the best Okonomiaki in Osaka, the place was tiny so naturally there was a queue.


Osaka is also home to Universal Studios Theme Park which I couldn’t afford to visit and the Osaka aquarium, which I could. It’s said to be the best Aquarium in Japan and the main attraction is the huge central tank the aquarium is built around and is home to two whale sharks.



And Osaka is also one of the busiest cities at night, the downtown Namba district lighting up with a crazy number of neon signs and screens.




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