Japan 2013

Two days in Nara

Nara is a nice change of pace from Kyoto. While Kyoto isn’t the biggest or busiest of Japan’s cities, Nara was still tranquil by comparison. Most of the sights are concentrated around Nara park, and Naramachi the old town is located right beside it. Two days here was perfect, one day to see the main attractions and get familiar with the layout and a second to wander the old town.


Nara is famous for its tame deer that wander the park and surrounding streets. It’s a bit odd to see deer so calm around people.



Nara is also home to the Daibetsu, a huge bronze statue of Buddha that is housed in the biggest wooden building in Japan.



There are a number of temples in the park. Nigatsu-do, a hall found deepest into the park has a great view of the city.



On my second night Kosuke, the hostel owner organised some of his friends to come by and populate the empty guesthouse (I was the only guest). It was a really nice gesture and something I think would only happen in Japan.

cooking takoyaki with Kosukes friends


One thought on “Two days in Nara

  1. Lise-Ann McLaughlin says:

    How about food? Like what for breakfast? Roadside snacks mainly?
    ( always interested in eating…)

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