Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 14: Asahi to Noto Peninsula

The ride this morning was not so pleasant. I had to pass through the urban conglomeration of three cities around the bay before the Noto peninsula. The less busy road was very indirect through the sprawl and I could, even by looking at the map, that I would get lost easily.

Staying with the busier road made the ride more straightforward but it was not enjoyable. Dusty, hot and noisy I was glad when I could leave it after about 60km and join the road that would lead to the Noto peninsula.

Ate lunch in a ramen place by the side of the road. The chef liked the sound of my journey and gave me a nice present of an energy drink before leaving.


The peninsula was worth the rough ride in the morning though. Quiet roads lined with fishing villages. I even passed a temple that had been built into a cave.



Just before arriving at my campground for the night I passed a harbour with some nice winnings on the wall that I assume the fisherman had painted.



The campsite I set my tent up


The beach/park I moved my tent to after the campsite owner wanted me to pay 2000yen




2 thoughts on “Day 14: Asahi to Noto Peninsula

  1. KB says:

    That temple looks amazing, dude.

    Out of curiosity, have you taken more pictures than what you’ve put up here, or is it WYSIWYG?

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