China, Dublin to Nepal, On Tour

Day 146: Niya to approx. 100km from Niya in a featureless desert

Ok, I hope I don’t come across as too negative, but this was another day of desert riding where a lot didn’t really happen. Riding in the desert tends to be a case of mind over matter as mile after mile of nothingness provides little to motivation to continue. It also means I don’t have much material for these daily write ups so they will probably be pretty short.
In the morning we left our field and filled up water in a gas station. The morning started in what I would describe as sort of savanna type environment with dry grassland and a few scattered trees. Small streams coursed intermittently, I presume what allowed these trees and grass to grow. This was a nice area to ride through but after about two hours we stared to climb out of this basin and up into sandy, exposed, windy desert.


gotta stay hydrated

We cycled in the desert for the rest of the day,mouth so little stimulation you tend to obsess over small thoughts over and over until you become a little bit crazy. For me I couldn’t get the thought of a full Irish breakfast out of my head. I suppose because it presents the highest concentration of tasty foodstuffs from home that I haven’t had in eight or nine months: Good bread, creamy butter, delicious pork based products: bacon, sausage and of course pudding. I don’t think a day went by in the desert that a fired breakfast didn’t float through my brain. At lunch we took shelter under a tree and ate instant noodles.


around the base of the tree lived a whole bunch of Giant Mongolian Camel Ticks. lunch wasnt the most relaxing

We were starting to run out of water, though we should be passing a village tomorrow according to the map we needed to try and find something. Finally towards the end of the day we passed a small building that was trying to irrigate the dusty sand and turn it into a fruit farm. The pumps were turned off but there was a barrel of clean looking standing water. We took a couple of litres and threw some iodine pills in it to sterilise just in case.

We came across a small scattering of trees in the evening and decided to camp. Despite the desert appearing devoid of life in the day as the sun went down a swarm of mosquitoes emerged and chased us into the tents for the rest of the night.



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