Dublin to Nepal, Georgia, On Tour

Day 81: Khashuri to Tbilisi

Over the last couple of days we hadn’t been making much distance but today, judging by the map, we would make up for all that. From here to Tbilisi the road was all highway and along the flat. To cap it all off we had a huge tailwind to push us all the way there. 

the clouds finally stsrting to part

Conditions were perfect, and before lunch we had already covered more distance than all of yesterday. The road was pretty much flat the whole time except for some gradual climbs and for the most part the traffic was reasonable. We were riding on motorway that was still under construction until we passed the town of Gori.


lovely new road

That’s kind of all there is to say about the days riding really. Sometimes an uneventful day of riding is welcome though, especially if it means you get a lot of distance covered. As we got into Tbilisi the traffic got more congested of course, but in comparison to their cities we’ve cycled into it was a breeze to find our way. 


first road sign for Tehran!

Following the river took us straight to the center where we found a hostel to stay at quickly on the back of a recommendation from Adam in Batumi. We opted for a hostel in Tbilisi instead of Couchsurfing or warm showers as we would be making our Iranian visa application here and didn’t know how long it would take.

central Tbilisi


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