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Day 62: Kirsehir to Avanos (Cappadocia)

The ride from Kirsehir to Avanos wasn’t half as eventful as the previous days. Mostly because the we were back on the highway so it was a bit more difficult, and we were given less opportunity to, stop and hob nob with locals. 
I got a flat tyre, which I suppose is a bit eventful. But this time there was no pick up truck to give me a lift back to Finn, though he hadn’t ridden to far ahead this time.
So it was fast but less interesting highway riding for most of the day. Lunch in a town called Gülsehir where we came across a guy with a bit of English who claimed to be friends with some famous Turkish cycle tourist. The up a big hill and down into the basin that held most of the region of Cappadocia. 

Cappadocia is famous for its unique landscape of tall rock spires, forest of them almost and ancient Byzantine settlements carved into them, especially the churches whose frescoes have been preserved perfectly in the well sheltered and neutral climate. We didn’t see the best on offer today, though we did pass a small example along the side of the road of what was to come.

There are a few small towns are out the Cappadocia region to stay at, we chose to stay in Avanos, a nice town on a river that had a very friendly, family run campsite that we pulled into around four. 


2 thoughts on “Day 62: Kirsehir to Avanos (Cappadocia)

  1. enkelleh says:

    Always great to catch up with you after a while away from the blog!! Any chance you can update the fans on what your plans are regarding a certain warzone not too far away?
    Tis great stuff. Enda

    • Great to hear you’re keeping up! If you’re talking about Syria and the Kurdish region, were staying up north along the Black Sea and heading into Georgia in about two weeks.

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