Dublin to Nepal, France

One day in Strasbourg 

Our time in Strasbourg felt quite limited, we do normally only spend a day in each city but getting in so late the day before meant we didn’t get the evening before.
Strasbourg was a nice place to spend s day off anyway. We didn’t get up to too much, like most of our days off we were content to just wander the city centre and while away some time in a cafe updating the blog, etc.
After sitting in a cafe for far too long we got lunch in a place a friend of mine had recommended that served food on thick slices of bread (I believe it was called Tartine)


We felt we should probably go see some sights after spending so much time lounging about in catering establishments. We went to have a look at the centre, saw the cathedral…had a nap beside the cathedral. We then wandered some more around the old town before heading back out to Flora and Martin’s place.


there was a concert for Charlie Hebdo in one of the squares

On the way back we spotted them sitting outside a small bar so we stopped for a drink. Floras sister was over and she had prepared a delicious dinner for all of us back at the apartment. As I’ve said, people like Flora and Martin are so kind to tourers like us, they are the type of people you remember long after the trip is over.
It had been a nice, easy going day. It was the only full day we would spend in France on the trip but we felt pretty happy about it.


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