Dublin to Nepal, On Tour, UK

Day 5: Penistone to Hull

Chris and Sile, our neighbours across the road from our field for the night served us up a very generous cooked breakfast: rashers, eggs, sausages, beans and coffee. Whith such a feast in our bellies we raced on to the next town of Barnsley.


making friends in Barnsley

From Bransley we traced a nice route along back roads to what we presumed would be our lunch stop at Pontefract. Arriving in Pontefract we realised that, given the time it took us to get here (a lot less than we thought) it might be possible to get to Hull in time to change our ferry booking to today and get into Belgium a day early.

I called up P&O, they said it would be a €50 charge to change the day. Finn recommended we just try and get there and do the change in person. So we wolfed down a subway sandwich and pelted it out of Pontefract onto Hull. With four hours to get there and a bit less than 40 miles to cover we figured we would be there in no time.


the road out of Pontefract

Flat roads and tailwind brought us to what we presumed to be about halfway to Hull in a little over an hour. We crossed the River Ouse and followed the motorway onwards to Hull.


the motorway bridge


our bridge

We followed another B road until we joined up with the motorway, now just an A road towards Hull. The first sign we saw said we were still 16 miles from Hull and only an hour to get there. We raced as fast as we could into the city, check in closed at 5. 60 long minutes later we arrived at the ferry terminal sweaty, sunburnt and out of breath but just in time to change our tickets. And for only £10. 


waiting at the ferry terminal in Hull. Next stop: Belgium

When we got in the boat we found our cabin and the luxury of two beds, a shower and a power outlet. It had been a hard ride to get to the boat early but now, certainly worth it. Next stop: Belgium

goodbye England


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