Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 29: Hiroshima – Miyajima

I wasn’t sure if this counted as one of the tour days it was so short, but I suppose I left one place by bike and made forward progress n the trip, so why not.

Miyajima is a famous island near Hiroshima. Famous mostly for its floating shrine gates. The island can be accessed by ferry right from Hiroshima but I cycled about 20KM out of the city to the harbour that is nearest the island. From there the trip to the island was cheaper and shorter (and I wasn’t skipping part of the journey)

the cost road out of Hiroshima



travelling to the island in the ferry

When I arrived at the island the tide was out so gates were just plonked in the mud instead of appearing to float on the water. It did give me a chance to get up close, and I wasn’t to disappointed. I was going to camp on the island, I would get the chance to see the gates as intended.



A short walk away from the coast is a fabulous temple complex, probably one of the nicest I’ve visited on the whole trip.




There was a campsite on the other side of the island, quite a large one that I imagine would be full at high season but only one other tent was there the night I stayed.


a deer wandering through the campground

The next morning the tide was in, some could see the gates in all their glory



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