Japan 2013

Matsuyama: nice sights, good eats

I wanted to visit Matsuyama because it is home to the oldest bath house in Japan, Dogo onsen. The city has much more to offer than just this one sight however.

Outside Dogo onsen

A sneaky photo I took inside then bathhouse

Dogo is split into two different baths, the water of the gods and the water of the spirits. To bath in both costs significantly more than just a ticket to the water of the gods. It was a unique experience. Not one of the beset onsen I’ve visited, but I suppose the most historically significant.

Matsuyama is also home to a castle perched atop a hill that overlooks the whole city. It’s a sweaty climb to the top, but worth it if not for the view then for the orange ice cream they serve there ( a local speciality).




Matsuyama also has great food. My host Laura was kind enough to bring me to some of her favourite places. What stood out was the restaurant that served Cheesy Ramen-risotto in an old bullet camper.



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