Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 24: Takamatsu – Niihama

Takamatsu to Niihama was a really nice cycle. It wasn’t too hot, wasnt raining at all. The road was easy to navigate and the scenery was pleasant. Everything you want when touring.

I started off cycling along the Inland Sea coast for most of the morning, purposely taking the longer route than the shorter overland route mostly because I wanted to get a better view of the Seto Ōhashi Bridge a huge suspension bridge that connects Shikoku with the mainland.



I then turned back inland instead of having to cycle through urban conglomeration of Sakaide and Marugame by the sea.



I found a campsite near Niihama. it was completely closed down since the high season ended, but the water taps still worked which was all I really needed so I set up.



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