Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 18: Fukui to Biwako

The plan was to approach Kyoto from lake Biwa. I was going to spend a few days up by the lake before heading into the city and to my halfway point.

My route today began following the rocky, volcanic coast next to the Sea of Japan. The scenery was incredible, and part of it reminded me of the Giants Causeway back home in Ireland. Never before in the trip was I so plainly presented with Japan’s geographical roots as a volcanic island.

despite the sign I still haven’t seen a wild boar.

rock formations off the coast remind me of the Giants Causeway


A bit before midday I left the 305 as it turned to continue following the Japan Sea coast I turned inland for lake Biwa and Kyoto. I had spend a bit of time cycling on lorry-laden secondary routes but it was more bearable than the day before. Soon I was in the mountains that acted as a wall between the lake and the sea and the road calmed.

the first road sign I saw for Kyoto.

I got to the lake at 2 or thereabouts. I could have cycled along the shore some, but the further south along the lake you progress the more developed it becomes. I found a small stones beach, nice and secluded, and set up there for the day.



When I’m wild camping I set up at dusk, around 6:30. Enough light to work by and the cover of darkness soon arrives. At 4 o’clock however,a nasty dark cloud started creeping over the lake and deep, threatening thunder followed. I quickly made camp, but the rain didn’t come.



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