Japan 2013

Kanazawa, garden in a rice field.

Kanazawa was one of the wealthiest prefectures in Japanese history thanks to the huge amount of rice the region produced. As I said in the last post the modern city is surrounded by fairly uninspiring rice fields but the city itself holds one of the nicest gardens in Japan:Kenroku-en.

I visited the garden on an overcast morning that turned into a rainy afternoon, but the gardens were beautiful none the less. Enhanced, even, by the gentle patter of the rain on the numerous streams and ponds.

You may notice I took some photos of the gardeners. There was a small legion of them, I don’t know if they work every day but they must, given the pristine nature of the grounds.





In the gardens the is a tea house. At this point in my stroll trough the grounds the rain had gotten heavier some ducked in and got some tea





I was maybe a bit big for the room…




5 thoughts on “Kanazawa, garden in a rice field.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Hugo, Looks like you’ve had a great time so far and you’ve cycled really far since I met you in Hakodate. I just got back from Japan and am missing it already!
    I enjoy reading your posts and looking forward to seeing more. Ganbatte ne!

    Yoko 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Next time I want to
    Visit some of the places that you stopped off at. Have you got to Kyoto yet ? You on twitter ?


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