Japan 2013, On Tour

Day 5: Oshamanbe – Hakodate

The last day of cycling in Hokkaido. It came a lot sooner than I expected. This was one of the most enjoyable days. The route started off hugging the bay in to Mori. At first I was shrouded in fog, but this cleared up soon enough.

This road past by many old fishing villages where I drew much attention from the locals. They either smiled and waved at me, or pointedly ignored me.


The journey was very smooth and I probably would have made it to Hakodate very early if not for a puncture I got just outside Mori. I spent an age pumping the tyre up again with my hand pump. I soon passed a petrol station where I cold use their air to further inflate my tyre.


With this hurdle cleared the rest of the journey to Hakodate was a breeze. It was a great cycle through a national park past lake Onuma. Before I knew it I found myself only 15km out of Hakodate



Here I got another puncture. One my tyre has been completely worn out on one side. I replaced it quickly but couldn’t find a bike store to purchase a new tyre. I just hoped I could get to Hakodate and find accommodation before it blew again.

I got lucky and found myself in Hakodate about 40 minutes later. It was an interesting trip through Hokkaido. Not done under ideal conditions, but I certainly enjoyed most of it. Even the rain. Sometimes.


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