2 thoughts on “Some advice

  1. A bicycle bag is also handy if you have to bail out on a ride, due to injury, mechanical failure, nasty weather, or just sheer tiredness. They usually fit nicely into a spare bottle cage so keeping one on hand is a good idea. Many times I’ll ride with no destination in mind and when it starts getting dark, head to the closest station, bag the bike and take the train home.

    Hope the rest of you trip goes well. I’ll be following your blog closely.

    • Thanks Byron. When I was first told about the bicycle back and its necessity for riding the train in Japan I thought it sounded quite useless, I couldn’t understand why there was a problem with just lugging my bike onto the train as is. After using it for a bit though it has grown on me, it is quite satisfying to be able to pack a bike away so quickly and so neatly.

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